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Following that Dream

One thing writers and performers have in common: rich imaginations. “Be careful what you wish for,” as the saying goes! From the time THAT DREAM first sparks, you start picturing what your new life will be like. As an aspiring … Continue reading

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Joan, the Anti-Diva

When I told my piano teacher about my experience at the opera, she told me this wonderful story. She had gone to a song recital featuring Joan, who had done the entire recital with music, wearing her reading glasses. At some point, in between numbers, a woman stood up and said, “Miz Sutherland, why are you usin’ your music?”
Unperturbed, Joan replied, “Because, honey, I have a terrible memory.” Continue reading

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Dagger-Eyed Divas

Anyway, all that rejection can make you sneaky, conniving, and easily threatened, which is why my three not-very-nice divas are more plausible than you might think. Well, four, actually. One of them is already dead when the book begins. Continue reading

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Can’t you sing any louder?!

What every classical singer dreads: that moment when the conductor says, “Miss M., you need to singer louder!” Of course, conductors who really know their stuff (or don’t have a secret agenda to humiliate singers) will never say this, because … Continue reading

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