The Overture

You found me!

My novel, Ding Dong the Diva’s Dead, won’t be published for a few months, but there’s no reason we can’t start the conversation now.

In these pages, I hope to engage second-string opera singers worldwide in a discussion about what it’s like to languish on the edges of the profession, hoping for a way in. I have to admit that those days are over for me. I kind of concluded the end result wasn’t worth the struggle. Besides, although the pull-date for opera singers beats that of dancers, let’s face it, you still better “make it” by the age of thirty. And I’m a bit past that.

I’m mostly a voice teacher and Lieder singer now, performing for the fun of it. And a writer. At least in that profession you have something concrete to show for your efforts. Performance is so illusory. Except in the age of YouTube, one might argue.

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2 Responses to The Overture

  1. Jack Remick says:

    Hi Cat,
    I like the way the tangle of music and writing shows up in your posts. And your puns and word play make me laugh– ding-dong the diva’s dead. Very skaldic with the intense alliteration. And–the wages of sing is debt. My wife Helen is a quilter moving into the art world and just learning that it costs money to be an artist in America. I tell her what I tell all my art-friends–be strong, keep making art. J

  2. Will Newsom says:

    Hello Cat,
    From what little I have seen of your writing, and that is darn little, I like your style and humor. You may or may not know me, and/or by extension my wife, Annemarie but we have met many of the artists who come into Seattle and you may have been one, for their productions.
    I personally am a bit of a mystery fan and like JAJance, Paretsky but not so much the shoot-em-up bang style
    I am wracking my brain for possible connections as to who you are and if we know each other. It is presumed that you will be “outed” some day and then I’ll know. It’s no big deal either way and regardless I wish you the best of luck.
    Now the trick for you is the encore and I have something to look forward to.
    Best of luck, Will Newsom

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