“I would recommend “Ding Dong the Diva’s Dead” to any lover of unpredictable mysteries with a hefty dose of intelligent humor. If this person happens to be an opera lover, even better – but I certainly do not believe love of opera would limit the enjoyment of this clever whodunit.”—Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views

5 Stars: “The fun in this entertaining amateur sleuth is observing the humorous goings-on behind the scenes of a local opera company. The cut throat competition is not just about roles on stage. Whereas Debbie is the star holding the tale together, the support cast is solid with a range of egomaniacal personalities at the opera house and zany (insane may be more descriptive) friends and family of the heroine. Fans will appreciate A Night At The Opera.”—Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette

“Debbie is smart, quick witted and self-deprecating. Her interactions with her parents, mostly her mother and her agent, are wickedly funny …. The setting of this story is fun and interesting, as the reader gets to see what life is like back stage behind a stage production …. Ding Dong the Diva’s Dead is a fast-paced mystery full of passionate characters who will stop at nothing to advance their careers and love lives …. Even if you’re not an opera fan, you will be entertained by this dramatic book.”—Clea R. Gellar,

4.5 out of 5—Top Pick: “This is a quirky and perky mystery with an operatic background. Things move along quickly throughout the story and each character is unique and different …. Overall, I liked this book and didn’t want to put it down. Deborah’s adventures interested me. I also had to wonder how many times poor Deborah would be found naked and in public. As for who was causing all the problems. It sure wasn’t anyone I was thinking it might be ….”—Terri, Night Owl Review

“I loved this novel! It introduced me to a world I knew nothing of, and gave me a new perspective on murder mysteries. I really enjoyed the humor and the rollicking parody of the very genre she is working in.”—Peter G. Beidler, Author of A Reader’s Companion to Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye

“A good ol’ bodice ripping sexual fever dream and an easy-reading page burner. Self-deprecatingly funny, sophisticated, and observant.” —Tim Askew, CEO/Founder, Corporate Rain, International, and former operatic tenor

“An entertaining romp through some of the unglamorous parts of being a professional musician, with intrigue to boot.” —Opera Conductor Sara Jobin

“Cat Melodia knows the score … the opera score, that is. Her witty debut as a mystery writer sparkles, with backstabbing divas, clever repartee, backstage antics, budding romances, and enough background color to leave her readers—as well as dyed-in-the-wool opera fans—shouting ‘Encore!’” —Lyric Soprano Nanette McGuinness

“I read it straight through—very entertaining (and I hardly ever read fiction anymore)! It really kept me turning the pages, and I could ‘see’ the action—it would make a fun movie. Singers will find it amusing from an inside-baseball viewpoint, and non-singers get a glimpse of the (albeit elegant) sausage factory of regional opera along with the mystery story—and maybe develop a bit of sympathy for us struggling artistes!” —Lyric Soprano Andrea Matthews

“ Who the hell are all these people?  If you don’t care if you can keep track of characters in a classical opera, and you’d like some inside dirt on mezzo-soprano vocal stylings, this is the book for you.  It’s Bloody Backstage At The Opera.  Wonderful fun, and just as snotty as any theatrical company can be.” —Donna Barr, “The Desert Peach”

“In Ding, Dong, the Diva’s Dead Cat Melodia has given us a delightful romp — full of juicy gossip and innuendo and propelled by lust, envy, pettiness and murder.  Her characters stride, stumble or waddle into our lives, by turns seducing, entertaining or repelling us.  The relationships rock on this taut little ship of fools.  It’s a great ride.” —John Lowrie, Actor, Composer, Musician and Author of Dancing with Eternity

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